These Terms of Use (hereinafter the “Terms”) establish the main aspects of the use of the website https://legalsf.net/ (hereinafter the “Website”) and regulate the relationship between WELLCITY LIMITED LIABILITY СOMPANY (hereinafter “We”, “Wellcity”) and the person who accesses and uses the Website (hereinafter “User”, “You”).

Please read these Terms carefully, as Your further actions on the Website will mean that You have read, understand, and agree to abide by these Terms.

Please note that these Terms apply only to the use of the Website and are not a public offer of our services.

If You are interested in receiving our services, please contact us via e-mail info@legalsf.net, relevant page of the Website, or send a letter to Ukraine, 02000, Kyiv, Kurenivska Street, 21.

1. Information about Wellcity

1.1.The Website is owned and operated by WELLCITY LIMITED LIABILITY СOMPANY, registered under the legislation of Ukraine, reg. number: 38698787, legal address: Ukraine, 04073, Kyiv, Vyshgorodska Street, bldg. 4, office 2.

1.2.If You have problems with the Website operation, please contact via e-mail info@legalsf.net.

2. Terms of use

2.1.You agree to use the Website solely under these Terms and the requirements of applicable law, not to allow any encroachments or illegal actions that may harm the Website, violate the rights and legitimate interests of Wellcity and others.

2.2.The Website is not intended for use by children, so we assume that You have reached the legal age and have full legal capacity.

2.3.By using the Website, You have the right to read information about Wellcity and its services as well as request additional information about our services.

2.4.You agree not to use the Website in a manner that:

a.violates or may violate the law and these Terms;
b.is obscene, abusive, harmful, threatening, discriminatory;
c.may infringe intellectual property rights of Wellcity and others (including copyrights, trade names, and trademarks);
d.is contrary to the interests and may damage the reputation of Wellcity;
e.may damage or adversely affect the operation of the Website (including cyberattacks, the spread of viruses, malware, etc.).

2.5.Rights to any intellectual property objects posted on the Website, including, but not limited to, program code, texts, images, photographs, animations, design, graphics, video and audio materials, trade names, trademarks (hereinafter the “Website Materials”), belong to Wellcity or Wellcity has the legal permission to use them (license).

2.6.The Website Materials are intended exclusively for Your non-commercial use related to the acquaintance with Wellcity activities and services. Any other use of the Website Materials, in whole or in part, is only possible with our prior written permission and with the use of an active hyperlink to the relevant page of the Website.

2.7.Without our prior written permission, You are prohibited from doing so with the Website Materials:

a.download, copy, broadcast, or in any way distribute the Website Materials;
b.use the Website Materials in any way for Your benefit and the benefit of others;
c.modify, process, manufacture derivative works from the Website Materials;
d.issue licenses, sell or otherwise assign rights to the Website Materials to others;
e.present the Website Materials as Your own.

2.8.In case of using the Website in violation of these Terms, You are obliged to reimburse Wellcity for all damages.

3. Limitation of liability

3.1.Please note that the Website is for informational purposes only. Any information posted on the Website is not official legal advice, opinion, advice, or suggestion to act accordingly and may not be used as such. For official legal advice, please contact us with available means of communication.

3.2.We do not advise You to make any decisions or take action based on information from the Website. We are not responsible for any consequences of Your use of information from the Website.

3.3.The information on the Website is current at the time of publication. We make every effort to follow updates in legislation and practice, but do not guarantee the continued relevance, accuracy and precision of the information.

3.4.We provide the Website for use “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” and do not guarantee its continuous, uninterrupted operation without any technical problems.

4. Processing of personal data

4.1.We process Your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy, which is a special section and an integral part of these Terms.

4.2.Please read the Privacy Policy carefully before further use of the Website and follow its current version.

5. Changes to these Terms

5.1.If necessary, from time to time, we may make changes, corrections, additions to these Terms. The current version of the Terms will be posted on the Website, so please follow all updates.

6. Law and dispute resolution

6.1.The legislation of Ukraine applies to legal relations regarding the use of the Website. Issues not regulated by these Terms shall be considered in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

6.2.Any disputes, claims, disagreements arising in connection with the use of the Website must be resolved through negotiations.

6.3.If it is not possible to reach an agreement through negotiations, the dispute shall be referred to the competent court of Ukraine.

7. Other provisions

7.1.The invalidity or non-compliance with the legislation of any provision of these Terms does not affect the validity of other provisions. If any provision of the Terms is found to be invalid, we undertake to replace it in such a way that it meets the requirements of validity while retaining the content.

Edited on April 9, 2021