Wellcity LLC

Wellcity is a reliable partner for clients all over the world

Wellcity Law Company is a team of professionals who provide comprehensive legal services to businesses in Ukraine and abroad.

Wellcity brings together professionals in the fields of corporate and tax law, intellectual property law, as well as experts in cybersecurity and personal data protection.

We are trusted because we offer only economically sound solutions, and our task is to simplify, not complicate the existence of the business. While Wellcity lawyers deal with legal issues, our clients can focus entirely on their business prosperity.

Our practices

Social Commitment

Social responsibility is an integral part of our corporate culture. Our fruitful work is the result of our responsible approach to work. Long-term cooperation requires only fully informed decisions and a holistic approach that considers many factors. Trustworthiness, honesty, and dignity are important principles that underlie our code. At Wellcity, every employee always feels that these principles work.

One more thing we are proud of – we set ambitious goals and make strategic investments to foster environmental sustainability, a responsible supply chain, cultural diversity, and inclusiveness, and have a positive impact on society.

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We are a team of professionals capable of efficiently solving tasks facing the company. We highly value loyalty and dedication to a common cause and the desire to work in a team and for a team. The stability and professionalism of our team have created the company’s reputation as a reliable partner in the market. Wellcity is a result-oriented enterprise, constantly looking for new opportunities and ways to improve the efficiency of its work. Efficient service to clients and a vibrant work environment for employees are two main priorities for us.

Constant Improvement

We help our employees to constantly develop and improve their qualifications. We believe that to arouse curiosity, you should give something for your mind, your body, and your soul every day. Our people have the opportunity to do it. They are provided with trainings, seminars, and masterclasses to upgrade their professional and communicative skills. It’s a perfect the ability to simulate various work situations from real practice and to work out new ways of behaving. The big plus is the possibility to get feedback and support from colleagues in the learning process. Also, to stay healthy and keep fit, Wellcity provides everyone in the big family with an opportunity to visit the gym or swimming pool.

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